Sunday, April 17, 2016

national delegate candidate #887...

that's me. 

i am fascinated and horrified by the presidential elections this year. and not just because of the shenanigans from both sides. its because the future of our freedom hangs in the balance. 

no one ever sets out to be an anarchist or a rebel. but when things turn upside down, sometimes one is thrown into that pathway by others choices. i feel that in my own pathway. and history has taught me that the price of freedom is human blood. I am making a choice to hopefully save lives in my grandchildrens' generation. 

I have taken steps to nominate our next United States President.  here is my platform. enjoy. 

(and yes, I know "boarders" should be "borders". I fixed the typo, but that document is on the other computer. so you get this one.... 😘

Friday, February 12, 2016

plan of salvation

free lds clipart.

permission is given free for all to use. 

this can be printed on one sheet of paper. :) Yay!